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Foreign Currency Loans – Now Constitutional Court Turns Ab Judicial Petitions Hearing


The full session of the Constitutional Court (AB) on Tuesday began hearing court motions to attack the law on the unfairness of unilateral changes to foreign currency-denominated contracts, but no decision has been made yet, said Botits Bitskey, Ab’s secretary general. The body will shortly continue to discuss the matter The law, which was adopted ….  Read More

Are online loans secure?


To start with, let’s define what specifically safe means for non-bank loans, from a short repayment period, commonly known as payday loans. Besides, it’s not just these loans that are made online. Well, customers generally understand the term secure in different ways. For some it will be a matter of the security of their data, ….  Read More

Loans At Client’s Home – Can I Get A Loan Without An Identity Card?


Immediately – payday loans, credits, loans. Getting a holiday voucher is not difficult. Can Mr present non-bank forces do not check the customer’s creditworthiness, hence refusal to grant him an impossible loan. Minostatnies is a social loan fair. Single-family house project House in allotments. On Wednesday in a house in Go┼éków a band happened. Loan ….  Read More