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Loan for retirees – easy application

The problem of many retirees and seniors is that they receive many rejections in their loan applications. Most banks and credit intermediaries find it difficult to provide a retiree loan. Credit for pensioners and pensioners – financial freedom even in old age. It has long been difficult for retirees to get a loan from the ….  Read More

Credit for expectant and new parents

A baby is on the way! But with what costs do the expecting parents have to expect? As the expectant parents are overwhelmed by their emotions, sooner or later – often by future grandparents – the inevitable question is, “Can you even afford that?” Children cost – but how much? Clearly: children cost money. But ….  Read More

How often can you renegotiate your mortgage?

Renegotiating a mortgage allows you to take advantage of cheaper rates and therefore to save on interest, it is possible to renegotiate several times his home loan but under certain conditions. Renegotiate a mortgage The renegotiation of mortgage is simply the possibility for the borrower to contact his financial advisor to ask him to readjust ….  Read More